the samurai

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movie has been "repaired" watch it all its way cool


Not Bad

Pritty gudfor the animation but some areas could be improved. Good try.


dont try to like ninjas cos they dont like u
u should die
a very painful scalping way
atleast thats what ninjas would do
ad laugh at that
am into that type of sickining shit
to see a golden katana rammed up your
get some help
and go on the internet
and find out what samurai did to ninjas cos dats what i would do to u

Just bad.

First, why would a samurai (which is Japanese) be involved with the "Chinese" mafia? Also, stick figures suck, spend some time to create actual people even if they're not perfect or properly proportioned. Using stick figures is lazy and makes the flash look bad.

First off..dont call your own stuff cool..

Second...when doing the outward zoom tween, the sticks and the background, and pretty much everything else moved at different rates, bleh, 3rd, was there supposed to be a story, because the opening thing and the odd in the house ninja kill thing and pretty much all of the scenes had no connectivity to them at all, 4thly ee, the sticks just werent animated that well, if your going to have characters that barely move, just draw them fully and dont try to xioa you flash up, 5th, your grammar wont none good any, 6th text screens lasted too short, 6th, although i do the same, the music just kind of cutted out abruptly, 7th, was the sword supposed to be attached to the ninja's hand in the beginning or was it supposed to be floating? 8th in the ninja blowing up a tree scene, it could of benefitted from "woosh" or "energy" lines or somthing instead of brown blobs sparatically tweened off the screen, other wise, meh

ummm ok

i started watching, and thot, this could be interesting. then i didnt get to finish reading the intro. then i just got lost with like blond haired ninjas and like hippies or something. ehhh.

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1.50 / 5.00

Apr 5, 2005
8:14 PM EDT
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