Shades of Gray [Ch.16]

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Chapter 16: GOT HIM!
Chapter 17: The New Kid in Town (Online!)



interesting turn of events. I knew the bad-ass redneck was going to come into play here soon... I seriously wouldn't want to meet this guy in... well... anywhere frankly. I bet he loved doing kickass mean. But the question is... why was he looking for him?

Kudos to the bad-ass?

What a great plot twist

Wow, I didn't see that coming. The whole scene with everyone getting angry at Guy is just superb. The acting is pulled off perfectly. They really shined here. I know that's about the exact way I'd react if some idiot had ruined our plans like that.

And it's great to finally start to see the redneck work his way into the plot. Really don't know why he's out to get Eric yet, but I imagine that's to be answered in the next episode.

Oh, and I forgot to ask the first time but what's the name of that song that plays in the begining of this chapter and was also playing in Chapter 14?

A bit loose, but still has some of the charm.

Not as good as previous parts but has me set for the next parts. The plotting and script got a bit loose and dragged a bit but it is still entertaining. Just not as good as the other episodes.

nice one

Man, you guys have a ton of free time on your hands, don't you?
It's a good thing thought, since this series is awesome and very entertaining. something like this is great to watch after a super-busy day at work.

I love Shades of Gray

It's pretty addicting like a tv show. Maybe I should watch one new movie a day, or something I don't think there are much left. This one was pretty good. I knew Eric was going to get away with it. Haha Fatty is a nice guy. The ending was weird I heard Eric is dead or something.


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Apr 2, 2005
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