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Dead by 1.000.000 time := Enjoy The Movie := Thankz*


this is just plain crappy

it was boring
also it seemed like a ripoff of ''the batlefield''

Pretty basic (stick figures) but amusing

I don't know why this is getting reviews calling it elite and giving it scores in the ten range. I mean, yes, it's cute, it's basic, it has stick figures.. but it's also repetitive and not really an advanced sort of submission. It's good as far as it goes, but it's still in the fairly early stages -- with so much stuff that is genuinely "leet" or l337 or 133t or whatever combination you want to use -- elite, with so much stuff that is truly great and very advanced, even to the point of being on a professional level, why would folks vote this a ten?

Again, I'm not trying to belittle this piece of work, because it's certainly better than a lot of the stuff that is submitted... but come on, stick figures? It's basic. Cute, inventive, yes. But still basic.

The person who did this will probably be doing things that will merit "elite" once he or she gets more experience and can do more complex things -- for now though, definitely a solid, basic, decent submission.


not too bad, could've been a bit longer, but it was okay while it lasted.

Jackie Chan ain't got nothing on this.

This was so funny. The footsteps are kind of annoying but the goring squishing sounds make up for it. Awsome job.


i thought this submission was ok but the footsteps got really really annoying

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2.21 / 5.00

Apr 2, 2005
10:31 AM EST
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