JoJo The Christian Clown

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In this episode, JoJo establishes the importance and valitity of Christian Clowning... well in his mind at least.

If you've ever been holier-than-thou'd, you'll like it. If you've ever been a church-kid you've lived it!

JoJo is not a mockery of Christianity, for I be one, but a parody of those who refuse to break from the prision of a self-centered, self-righteous, psycho-spiritual mindset.


I feel like I've met this guy before.

That's true about "charismatic" Christians. "Oh no, I'm almost out of (insert item here), it must be the work of the devil! I cast you out, satan, in the name-uh of Jesus-uh!" It's worse if the lights flicker or something. I feel sorry for people with Charismania. I used to know this one lady who always thought she was in a spiritual battle with her boss, when in reality, she was too lazy to do her job and her boss didn't like it.

(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
The graphics were pretty good. Nice animations and drawings. Good lighting and shading effects. The voice acting wasn't bad either.

^^Needs Improving^^
I guess it was pretty silly that I thought this was going to be comical. It was just a strange guy with a lisp talking about jesus and shit.

Very True

It's like I always say, Christ had great ideas, it's just a damn shame no one follows them. I'm not saying all modern Christians are hypocritical or misled, but it seems from my experiences that they (Like your clown here) are very egotistical and use their religion to "mask" it. Maybe that's where the makeup comes in, eh? Ohhh...deep!

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An Ok Flash yet....

Well, I'm not a Christian, (not that I have anything against Christians,) but I didn't really find it funny. It was more anecdotal. Like a little story. I mean, the graphics were ok and the sounds was fine and all. I dunno. I thought the clown was a lot like Cartman on Southpark as well. (It's strange, it seems I've never really talked to or seen a Christian with a robust sense of humor...I wonder why....)

shutitupme responds:

i guess it's more political 'inside' humor... you either get it or you don't...

Pwais da Woid!

Very cute, it was a nice original idea, and you clearly have flash skills. Nice movie.

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Apr 2, 2005
9:22 AM EST
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