Salo vs Nill prt 1

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I do parts 1,3,5,7,9, etc.... Nillman does 2,4,6,8, etc....


Not bad

Not to bad of a submission. Ignore the idiot that reviewed before me, apparently he doesn't have speakers or know how to turn up the volume to hear the music. The graphics were pretty decent, though (I forget the other guy's name that killed the dude's brother) looked a little to DBZish. The fight was a little to swift, though I expect with the other episodes it will more than likely drone on. Other than that, not to shabby.

sound plz?

Okay, first off, WHERES THE SOUND?!?!It would have been alot better if you would of added sound and voices to the movie, and second of all, I would have given it a lower score if it had not been for everything else. Aside from no sound, it was pretty cool. The anime(or manga)style of animation was good and it looked like you drew it, so I reward you for that. The action(and don't forget the violence^^)was cool too, but next time, please do add more sound, k?


Okay, before I get to the reason I'm voting five, let me first say, the silent movie thing I don't like. I definately think you could benefit from voices or at least sound effects. Just having the music (which in this case didn't pump me up a whole lot) kind of made it bland. The animation though is really good and so is the art (well, aside from having little to no color). I will be looking forward to the next one especially if.... And here's why you get your five... They contain great lines like "Now drink the wine of my anger" or whatever, omg, HAHAHAHA!!


Great animation and art work, If you want some advice it would probably be to take this idea into more consideration and try develop a regular layout for if you were to make a series, so the storylines will become more easier to understand. For example in any good manga their is always a short silent part at the start of the movie so the audience can familiarise themselves with the scenery and are then prepared for the tense build up (ie. your fight scene). I love Manga style animations so it rocks to see a good movie like this, and it has soo much potential! Try add some voices and not just the writing cus it would be soo much better. /AngryClown

My. God

That was unbelievably awesome. The anime styling, the silent movie feel. wow. we need more of this on newgrounds.

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3.73 / 5.00

Apr 1, 2005
7:31 PM EST
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