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Calderbank what a strange fellow you are,
Walking is no problem but you'll never drive a car,
You're no threat to me so can I punch you in the face?,
Haha, can't punch me back, you're a total disgrace.

Love him, we love him,
Even though he has no arms at all,
Love him, we love him,
Even though he has no arms.

Calderbank do you cry yourself to sleep?
You're no good to anyone - as stupid as a sheep,
I don't feel sorry for you, no, not at all,
Only when you trip up and theres nothing to break your fall.

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You should make a little video at the end to go along with the song. I feel that's all this is missing.


you should add a button that replays the song at the end

So funny

I admit that at first it did not seem like anything special, but it certainly got better the more it went on. I especially love the stupid animation used for everybody. It was so satisfying to see him take the arms and hit the other guy in the crotch. I honestly would have been satisfied if that was the final scene! However, you decided to go the extra mile and include that extra scene that brings out a lot of laughs in me as well. Oh well, at least poor Calderbank got his arms in the end after all.




Nice songs................................