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girls are evil

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Author Comments

this is my first proper flash movie i'll see if i can add some sound in in later on

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most girls i have met are EVIL and this ths the perfict way 2 proove it! but im not saying all girls are EVIL BabayGrlBlu and Nightmare-Echidna

Very Smart

Way to use math to prove something we all know, yet never talk about. I can honestly say that I am officially convinced. Good Work!


Im a grl and im not evil!!! Some1 iz copyin tha math thing 2 bcuz i just seen another movie clippin showin the same thing but n a different way so some1 iz a copy cat!!!!
O Yeah...that other clippin iz on NG 2!!


heres one 4 u

make anything like that again=me wringing your neck u sexist ****

Good adaptation of a popular joke.

This was a very good adaptation of a popular joke, the old Girls=Evil "Mathematical" Proof.

While the joke itself is somewhat stale and often used, this adaptation of it helps to renew its vigor.

The professor character is unique. On the surface, he appears to have a cliched, Einstein like appearance.

However, his swirly eye and stoutness contrasts against that cliche, making him a unique entity.

His name leaves a lot to be desired. "Dr. BigBalls" is awfully childish for such a humorous joke.

The classroom setting is, in my opinion, too grade-schoolish for a professor to be teaching there.

A darker wall and floor cover, as well as a little less ambient light, would have made the scene more collegiate.

Also, the green chalkboard is grade-schoolish, but I can understand its inclusion to bolster the whole education theme.

The hand drawn style is a nice touch.

The uneven lines and informal drawings help to add character to what is other wise a basic joke.

The "Science is a Bitch" poster really helps to break up the monotony of the starkly blank wall.

However, such a poster would be inappropriate both in a scholastic setting and for younger viewers, which would other wise be able to watch this without having to deal with such language otherwise.

Moreover, the poster's reference to "Science" is unnecessary, as the entire context of the joke is on mathematical theory.

Thus, it is also incorrect for the professor to say that he will "scientifically prove" the adage.

As with the sign, the correct context should mention mathematics.

The grammatical errors are simply unexcusable.

"It is also know" and such grammar mistakes like comma splices are easily avoidable.

While the lack of sound helped solidify the simplicity of this submission, it would have been nice to had at least some sound.

A small, gentle background loop would have been ample.

The animation could have been greatly improved had the professor actually erased the text as necessary, rather than it disappearing from the chalkboard.

That, coupled with eraser noises, would have made this flash better.

While this might have made it more difficult to produce this flash, it would have greatly enhanced the quality of the animation.

And as you know, it's quality, not quantity, that most people are looking for.

While the interactivity aspect of this movie is negligible, I did think that the placement of the replay button was a good idea.

Rather than just a standard button, which can get old and stale after watching so many flashes with them, you chose to place the button inside a text balloon.

That was clever and a great touch, but some could have trouble finding it, as the text in the actual flash and the replay button were formatted in the same way.

Overall, while this flash isn't outstanding, it's good. However, the implementation of some of the suggestions above could better enhance the quality of this submission from a rating in the mid two's closer to three.

Generally, good animation makes up for the lack of humor in a submission.

While the joke in this flash is used often, it is still pretty humorous.

Adding to the quality of the flash enhance the actual animation.

Moreover, quality enhancements would also better complement the humor in the joke.

For fellow flash watchers, I would recommend this movie for those who don't think a flash has to have bust out your guts laughs or supreme special effects to be good.

I enjoyed the flash, and I hope you do too.