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Attack on city! Great Big Battle!
Go Watch now!
Adn WAtch Howel Tihng k? Whole movie isn't Worm monster.


One Good Bit

The opener made me laugh but that's it.

I liked the Serious Sam reference.

I don't know what to think of this.

Thsi flash was, uh... very very weird. I loved the crazy preloader, yet I think the start with the insect dragged on far too long, and a lot of people probably think it's a loop, hence their low scores. A huge drop-of in the sound department, despite nice music, is the use of Microsoft Sam. Don't use it unless you're trying to suck. Graphics weren't too bad, and the flashign wasn't too overdone. If there had been real voices, I probably would've given this a 6 or 7, since it was pretty good.


that was probably one of the worst flashes if seen in years...horrible...but maybe its just cuz i burned my pancakes....oh well


Very stupid, but I laughed hysterically for about 5 minutes... That music... That worm... ROFLCOPTERZ.

Simple things amuse simple minds...

Somehow I've got the impression the author doesn't speak English very well... But I've always had a soft spot for monster-flicks. Worth watching just to hear the little army soldier cut sick - the hillarity is contagious! Off to the rubbish tip with this Godzilla number. THE EDN.

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1.72 / 5.00

Mar 30, 2005
12:06 AM EST
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