Riddick - A Short

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Ok.. I know it's fuckin' short and I know that if you didn't saw the second riddick movie you won't be able to laugh about (at least I think that). But I hope you like the movie - anyway ;)

And maybe I'll make a little flash series out of this.. a few short riddick movies - ya know..

EDIT: I redid the stupid "arrowthingy" - colored it grey instead of greend and made it more "arrowlooking"
Plus I changed the audio so that sugar box doesn't sound as if riddick would be laughing..

thanks to angora ;P


twas okay.

wasnt terrible. I've seen worse:)
and!! just one thing, try to like edit actual lines from the riddick movies/game that sound funny and sw3itch them around to make a hilarious group of phrases.
:) i should try that

Not too bad....but not too good either

Well. I liked it. But at the start it looked like a gray circle chasing a thin igloo in a cave. I liked it when he got shot by the spear. and fifteen minutes later inside with the three mistakes, not bad but yeah. It as sort of funny but not really. I think you could pull of a reasonably good series of riddick and it might be a good idea because when it finished i fell off my chair. Well, good luck and cya.

Cilmeron responds:

Thank you.. actually it was really planned to be a series.. then again.. I don't animate anymore.. so we'll probably never see how it would've been ;)

Not as good or as funny as I wanted it to be...

Too bad. The jokes were AWFUL and so were the emotionless voices. I like the chronicles of Riddick and this wasn't even close to being nearly almost half as good.

Cilmeron responds:

die in hell :P


Graphics-5 cause i didn't see any resemblance between him and the real riddick.
style-10 cause it's riddick!
sound-5 cause umm, you should work on it a little =O
violence-3, only that 1 little thing that stabbed him in the stomach
interactivity- the play button =O
Humor-5, wasn't all that funny. =P

Umm, i didn't really get the joke in it...Is t supposed to be when he stabbed the black guy in the chest with the soup cup?

Cilmeron responds:

Well.. I agree with all the points.. it's neither original nor really good.. on the other hand.. there's not much riddick stuff on the net which I'd have to compete against.. thanks for the comment.. for the joke part - It's just a weird mix between this empty weapon rack ship scene and the soup cup/tea cup scene ;)

Lip sync...

That was the possible worst lip sync i have seen ever, in my life , ever . Seriously

Cilmeron responds:

you don't come out a lot do you?

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3.11 / 5.00

Mar 29, 2005
9:28 PM EST
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