Tribute to Beebo

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Since the Beebo movies are so far apart nowadays I've decided to make one myself.

IMPORTANT: fabulous999 gave me permission to use these characters. I sent an e-mail and got one back saying I could use Beebo and Harry.

Onto the movie itself. This one occurs sometime between parts 1 and 2. I made it in about five hours (most time was spent drawing) and it's just as easy as everyone thinks it is. Sorry if my Harry isn't up to your standards. I tried but doing his voice is actually harder than everyone thinks it is.
The real reason I made this is because everything else I'm working on currently won't be done anytime soon because it's either A: a game, or B: a movie that requires many different voice actors (Beebo only requires one guy). Please don't complain about it being unoriginal.
Includes celebrities: Tara Reid and David Schwimmer.
Enjoy the movie.

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I always loved this one I laughed so hard

I was pretty impressed by this. Well, it still wasn't great. I appreciate this tribute. It looks just like the cartoon! Well, it's probably not that hard to imitate. The only difference is that Beebo's fur seems a little courser here.

It's great to see people doing tributes. I'm glad this could bide us some time. Actually, that wouldn't quite prove he wasn't gay. He could be bi. Beebo's always funny.

Pretty good, how much time did it take to make this one? Once again, pretty close the actual ones.

Lambtaco responds:

Thanks. Two days. I remember because it was spring break and I sat at the computer pretty much the whole day. I probably couldn't do it that quickly again.

As always, you fucking rock!!!!! keep up the great work!