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Author Comments

[Edit]I've added subtitles now. People have been complaining about the voice acting being hard to follow.
Oh, and one more thing. Some people have closed the movie right after the "Acid-trip-intro" since the screen goes black for a while there. Dont do so, the accual movie comes after!

I accually made most of the content of this movie many months ago. For some reason I grew tired of working with flash, and had a long break.
Now I finnally got my thumb out of my ass and finished the movie.
ALOT of work is behind it and I hope you will appreciate it. My humour is rather weird, you will notice.

As I said, I started to work in this long ago, and when I picked the project upp recently I noticed how bad my english voiceacting was, especially grammar-wise. I havent changed it, since my mic isnt functioning too well.
But please try not to be bugged by it.

Yeah yeah. Enjoy! My most serious Flash project ever!


fan va grym1!11!

lol! ugglebjörn! jag skrattade som ett as hehe.

coolt att se några från sverige som också gör flash!

om du vill så kan du vell adda på msn?

subzero _ conny @ hotmail . com


FrostRhino responds:

Yeah, tackar för reviewn och betyget :D !

Mycket trevlig!

Trevlig idé, ser fram emot eventuella samarbeten!

FrostRhino responds:

Tack så mycket =D . Äntligen en ny review för den här filmen.
Samarbeten, tja kanske det kankse.

worth the wait!

brilliant movie! like allt he others by you this one is strange but is oh so goood!!!

Please make more!!!!

FrostRhino responds:

Thank you, Mr. Sonx.

Great story line!

Congratulations, this I must admit is probably one of the finer movies i have seen in the portal.
It had storyline, character, humor, interest and intreauge.
The dog or whatever it was when i first saw it I laughed, definatly a highlight of the movie, especially when it's looking out the window with all the crazy stuff goin on.

Overall it actually pieced together well, I believe the way he went into the storytelling could have been a bit better though, the explination provided i believe could have been a bit fuller. The overall animation was pretty modest, but followed storyline to a T and was definatly a compliment to the overall movie.
Sound was great, no excessive static in voice recording and all levels were right for the movie.

All in all, a great job, keep it up!

FrostRhino responds:

Wow, awesome review! Thanks!

Hmm how he went into storytelling, yea, maybe, but I thought it worked :p . Yes I didnt have much complex animations, I am not used animating like this, I found it rather lenghty, extremely time consuming :o .
Yay, praise for the sound when most of the sounds are me talking! Thanks you!

very nice

first of all great animation, the graphics the detail to the characters just stunning. theres only one thing you missed shading. you should do some shading and see if that enhances the characters any better.i want to ask what exactly was that creature that he was talking with. oh yeah i just thought if you ever made a sequel mabe add some action or violence. that would defienitily get a higher score. im giving you 4 out of 5 clovers. keep up the good work. also if you have a comment on my review i love hearing from people ive reviewed.

FrostRhino responds:

Thanks for the long review! Really appreciate when people take some time to write after having seen my movies.
Yea maybe I should have made shadings for the characters, but I havent really worked this way for the character animations before and shadings would have been hard to fit in in many cases. I just decided not to include it.
Yea, more action and violence is always a good idea when wanting to get a higher score on NG :p .
Ill see if Ill even continue flashing at all. Finished this only because I had had it on my computer so long, and I thought it would be good enough for NG if I just took a few days and completed it :D .

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Credits & Info

3.72 / 5.00

Mar 27, 2005
2:53 PM EST
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