FFFlash ep1 (2/2)

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This is basically the conclusion of the 1st episode. It isn't too long, but it is good enought. The second episode is being worked on and it will explain much of the story, I'm sure most people are confused but not to worry. *For those who haven't seen the first part of the first episode, You really should before seeing this. Enjoy!


great FF parody...

this was great......... idk if any other people noticed if u used mario clouds but i cracked up when i saw that... and u used a mario SFX for one of the guards who died... classic... sweet flash

You went a little to far

Ok i accept that Celes died while summoning the Holy Materia like Aeris. BUT U DIN'T HAVE TO MAKE A CHEAP KNOCK OFF PUTTING CELES IN THE WATER LIKE AERIS. Other than that, can't wait for other Eps.

Oh... My... God...

Though I like FF, and number 3/6 the best, that was just sad. Why did it take years for the chocobo to shit out the save point? It only takes roughly 24 hours for a human to digest food, why should a chocobo take years? That's as far as I bothered to watch.


Alright, there wasn't much to love in either of the two flash. There was no real plot, you couldn't really feel attached to the characters, and everything seemed to happen for no reason.

The graphics, while the individual sprites aren't bad and done decently well, you mixed many different game sprites (the ones that I counted were FF, Mario, Golden Sun, and either Chrono Trigger or Chrono Cross) for an overall effect of ew. Mario-happy-face-clouds don't mix well with the more-realistic-Golden-Sun-Lighthouse just so you know. Just because two things are both sprites doesn't mean that they will look good together.

The style, well, sprites have been done before, numerous times. But your flash had no exceptional quality, no (good) humor, no story or character, nothing. There was nothing in this flash that hasn't been done before, and when it was done before, it was probably done better.

Some of the background music was nice, but the sound effects...I know I heard Mario jumping in there and thats just not right for this kind of flash. Several other sound effects were very out of place as well.

Seriously, I bet you could do better than this. Much better than this.


What kind of follow-up was that? After all the nice things I said about the first one. I wanted to see Shadow whip some ass. How very disappointing.

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Mar 25, 2005
1:29 AM EST
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