Sam In Space v1.0

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WARNING!!! --This game is Hard!!!!--
This game is about a guy named Sam in an yellow space suit trying to escape his space station while being attacked by bouncing squares. It took me a week to make, but it was a learning process. It only has 1 level with 3 difficulties right now, but this is only v1.0. Besides its VERY VERY hard...in some cases it can be luck. Please tell me if there are any bugs, glitches etc. Or if you have any suggestions on how to make it better you can e-mail me or write a review.


I hate this... lol

I know you said it was a hard game, but it was not only a hard game, also a stupid one!
There was almost no point of having lives cause if you die, every gas goes away!
Thats bullshit!
I think you should change the system so you atleast dont have to get it all over again!
Otherwise it was a good game...

Fix the hit-boxes and the jump height

Hey, cool game, but the sound of the squares hitting the floor was a little bit irritating after a while, and the hit-box for the squares and the player were a bit wrong, so the square could kill you if it was close enought without touching you. And this was on the moon, right? Then the jumps should be lasting longer and went much higher. Fix the hit-box, make the sound less irritating and make the jump a little bit more "moon-like", and it should work well ^^,
After all, great game


this game is good but i got squashed by a block and it didnt even touch me !!!!!!! biatch

great game

dude... fun and addicting... but when you die you lose all your gas! pissed me off, i had full gas and was running back to the ship like a nudist in the south pole! and all of the sudden .... *WHAM!* friken block cripples me! i mean that dang thing cam out of that hole! STRAIGHT DOWN!!!!! anyways i loved that you could lip over the boxes, EVEN BACKWARDS if you did it right. cool cool kewlio! keep it up!

Very Well Done

Very good! I'm already addicted to this game!

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3.95 / 5.00

Mar 25, 2005
1:20 AM EST
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