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UPDATE : A lot of you want to correct my history, and that's great and all...but the cartoon is INTENTIONALLY ANACHRONISTIC. Think of it as a REALLY REALLY BAD HISTORY TEXTBOOK.

Go easy on me, this is my first serious attempt on Newgrounds.

This came together when I started to wonder what the movie Titanic would look like if it was directed by Wolfgang Petersen instead of James Cameron. This will be the first in a series of revisionist historical accounts that at least one in five people will believe for some reason. After all, no iceberg could possibly break all FIVE watertight compartments!

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the titanic was before hitler


I thought it was ok. It was an interesting interpretation of history but I thought in some scenes the music was a little too overbearing. Graphics weren't great but not bad though for a first try.

Wrong textbook

HMS Brittanic never had Guns. and Brittanic Was hit and she leaned to her side. and went down slowly bow first. they belivie it was a enemy submarine.

Titanic went down in the Antartic Ice feild. in 1912, no wheres close to teh Sinking of the brittanic. And durign teh navigation of the ice bergs, it was at nightime.

Spoof or not, millions of people died. and making fun of thier death isnt cool man.


Lustitania (lived to see Scrapyard)
Brittanic ( Sunk during world war 2)
Titanic (sunk in the antartic ice berg)

HMS His magesty ship is a war vessel term.
The Titanic was RMS. Titanic, built buy the british company White star line.
The titanics rear was curverd and not a straight line, neither was Brittanic.

I hoped this history lesson got things up to speed


you guys are douchbags that was awesome! your taking it too seriousy it was a spoof! good job


you spelled titanic wrong and that was brittanic and the brittanic had no guns retard

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Mar 24, 2005
1:45 PM EST
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