Madness Depredation

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Madness Combat 5: Depredation


I don't know why, but what has always haunted me about this one, was when Reality is Compromised by the OMFG Clown...and that building is seen with weird purple lights and dozens of people quivering inside. Pure nightmare fuel.

surgeon hank has arrived

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It's basically the same thing and I LOVE IT.

Everything about this type of animation made me love newgrounds when I was younger and going back to it now is just a blast of nostalgia and it makes me so happy inside and outside.

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This is my favourite out of the first five i love hanks design and the gore

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A great classic, that I used to watch every other day when I was twelve to ten years younger. Grew up with this.

This movie marks a shift in Madness Combat style, significantly enough for me to consider this a new season/stage of Madness.

The way I see it Madness and Madness Combat is first stage of Madness - random crazy incidents without much plot.

Madness Redeemer, Madness Avenger and Madness Apotheosis - the second stage. All characterized by a mission like approach of Hank to kill the Sheriff or Jebus, with Jebus being the main Nemesis. Clown is present as a slightly stronger or weirder enemy. Each episode ends with Hank's death in encounter with Jebus but with Hank taking Jebus and Sherif/Agent with himself do die in all episodes but the first. Then in the next episode Hank and Jebus are revived with Hank getting a new bandage in the place he was killed in previous episode, while looking like a regular guy without them and Jebus getting new stiches.

This episode - Madness Depredation changes things by upping up the power levels and changing the classic formula a little bit:

- Hank finally gets other distinguishing features apart form his bandages - red sunglasses, bandana and a cloak. It's good otherwise he would have to look like a mummy, so many deadly wounds has his body accumulated.
- Hank's Near Death Experiences have apparently made him stronger and he now can do bigger jumps and aim in bullet time.This is a controversial issue. On one hand it feels as if the action is slightly dumbed down because hank can just out speed his enemies and there is less smart tactical approach and smart manipulation with surroundings that made last three episodes so great. On the other hand some increase in power level was required to keep things fresh and interesting and make Hank unique so I approve of this change on overall. Hank is much stronger and instead of taking down one elite agent like in previous episode where the elite agent even landed a punch on him, Hank now takes on elite agents en masse.
- The shift of main nemesis form Jebus to the Clown. Clown unlocking his true potential and going all reality bending, death denying and angrily unpredictable is truly pure Madness.

I remember watching this episode for first time and feeling like this is Madness squared compared to the previous episodes. The next stage of madness has been breached!

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Mar 24, 2005
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