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Reviews for "Madness Depredation"


Seriously, lol, zoom in on the posters and stuff it's GREAT XD.

Also, Jesus's sword has binary on it? 100111100... comes out to 316 decimal, or if read the other way, 121. But if you cut off the last 0 to make it a one-byte integer, it comes to ascii 94, which is a "₧" symbol. Hmmm...

AND! The Skylight has a sign that says "SKYLIGHT - Please do not crash through this window and kill all the people inside, thanks, Mgnmt"

Club M promoting DJTrickyM and Cheshyre on the posters, and other ones saying to enlist in the L33T forces XD... and it says SOMETHING on the main guy's sword but I can't read it XD.

hahaha awesome guys

That movie was badass

This movie rocks, and it has pretty good art designs.It also has realy gooooooooood weapons, blood and massacre. This movie discribes itself in three words. Make another just like this one. More ultra cooler and more badassnes.

Awsome, dude, awesome. So perfect.

Perfect, just like all the madness films. Gotta love it. I love how with each new episode, the series changes a little, having gone from a black and white story of awesome violence in which the protagonist kills everyone in one place outside, to where he hunts a sheriff and loses, to where he hunts the sheriff and wins, introducing jesus and the clown along the way, and evolving the clown from a funny, more challenging minion to an all powerful god, to a color film chronicling the showdown between jesus, the clown, and the protagonist. Awesome. I hope krinkels introduces a new character in the 6th one, another person who, like the clown and jesus, stand out among the many forces the protagonist battles. The series is so good though, i wouldnt be at all disappointed if it remained as it is.


This is great! I love the madness! ..and it's just geting better and better :D :D

poor maddness

wow i think the clown should die i like maddness a lot better