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after a whole frikin night of making graphics and ... stuff... for a weird contest in school.... or.. blah... i dunno....
whatever watch it like .. like me... and rate a 5... meh...
the actual drawings were made by my friend (& the project partner) as we were illustrated for this.... yes that means the red head (me) is not a girl.... :P and we look like that (minus his pruple hair) but i wear that cat hat everywhere i go :P...


Decent flash.

A funny parody about energy drinks, very nice. I liked the drawings that were in a middle class but still very nice, so was the animation that worked out quite well. I know making a parody is never easy and I admire your work just for that. Keep up the admirable work.


Graphics: 8, A parody movie’s graphics has to be good, and this movie delivers. I really liked the drawing and animation.

Style: 7, A very well done parody, Keep making parodies, you seem to do them quite well.

Sound: 6, The voices were alright, nice enough to listen to undisturbed. Just what it needed.

Violence: 6, A couple of explosions, but tastefully placed.

Interactivity: 3, A play button, I don’t think you need any more

Humor: 7, seeing is this is a parody, it made me laugh, good work.

Overall: 7,Good work, I enjoyed the movie, glad you kept making them.

better than what I thought

Everything seemed great but then it got better when it showed the ddr pad. Good job and...... I like the hat. ^v^

navahl999 responds:

my obssesions must be included... but ill thank my friend for drawing everything lol... i love my hat


For the next thing, do something with hordes of DDR!

navahl999 responds:

sounds good to me ^_^ i have my name on 4 machines in San Antonio and one in Corpus christi so woo


Funny as hell man. The voice was hard to hear so the subtitles were a saving grace on that one. Hilarious though...more to come?

navahl999 responds:

yeah the subtitles are last minute... and yeah the quality of the audio wasnt the best but we were trying record while some guy was making a marble commercial and kept screamng "MARBLES MARBLES MARBLES"... gah...
but eventually yes more to come... i need some inspiration first though

ha ha ha

that was really funny lol and the graphics were just sweet make another

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3.49 / 5.00

Mar 23, 2005
11:11 PM EST
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