Marcus Peblo 8

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Take flight into the dreamlike world of Marcus Peblo one last time. Open your third eye!

Thanks for front page! Daily 2nd place:-)

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Well, I think this probably is the best in the whole series! It's great when finales do that. It was really hard to understand. I feel bad for not following the plot more. This did end a bit prematurely though. It's still great to see these beautiful colors.

The voice(s?) is great. You have created an amazing world. There's just so much going on. Even the main menu is cool! This really does have something for everyone.


Dreamlike is right,it's great to see a more lighted happy type of episode of Marcus Peblo it was very pleasant to watch as was the entire series which had some of the greatest animation to start Newgrounds and it's great to see it make a good 5 year run,you made one of the greatest series of all time man be proud. =)

ericblak responds:

Mystery Gift is the Final Part! Thanks for your reviews!

This is wierd

But still, amazing animation


its preety good and the i didnt get the story most of the time but now i know it:
Marcus and his cousin were supposed to make the good win against the demons so they had to free the gods son with the key to win the war.But peblo get killed and his cousin is the only 1 who can save him but he is killed on his way.Then viper who is son of the king of the demons has a dream that peblo and his cousin will come back to life so the demons finshed them off so they are defenitly dead.Then the gods still said that peblo helped them alot and can still win the war
in other words ummmm ITZ SORTA AWSOME
and it will be uber if there were more episodes


it was ok

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3.60 / 5.00

Mar 21, 2005
1:45 PM EST