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Canyon Run

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Author Comments

1st of all, thanks 4 all ur constructive criticisms but, i am a student who is new 2 flash. sorry if u guys expected alot out of me. i will be improving tho! ;) 2nd, the reason why it's short is cause i did this as a demo reel for my class. demo reels are suppose to be short. about a minute long. 3rd, the acura rsx is "badged" as a honda integra cause that's wat they are called in japan. a honda integra type-r. i jus didn't include the typre-r cause i have an rsx but it ain't no type-r so i didn't stick the badge on it. yes, i DID put honda emblems and an integra badge on it. it's called the JDM look. trust me. i'm not a fool. go research it. 4th, front wheel drive cars do drift! look at the red EG6 that takumi raced in 1st stage of initial d.


it was ok

its really short its posible to drift both a rsx and a celica depends if ther rear whelled drive if u work more on it probally turn out awsome in the future

INITAIL D ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!


Only because you didn't center the wheels.


I Liked It Tho. But well I Like cars but well looks not realistic and the tire tracks well uhh oh corpse bones! (Damnit!) I Forgot!


The cars was well made. A little bigger framerate could make it MORE enjoyable. Also, you made it a bit short. Heck with that, good movie!

Ignore them.

Lots of people are saying "OMG you can't drift a [insert car here]" or "Go drift your car into a wall". Lots of people said that to me, granted i drift in a Peugeot 206. You CAN drift in most cars. The difference is technique. For example, for a 206 you enter in fast, brake hard as you turn, the back snaps round, countersteer to hold the skid and when you want to pull out of it you go full throttle. RWD cars use the throttle to maintain the drift. FWD cars use the throttle to pull out of one. THAT'S the difference.

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Credits & Info

2.23 / 5.00

Mar 21, 2005
12:31 PM EST