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Sky Bombs v.Sound FX

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Well i threw in sound FX for all you people.

I think its much better, the bomb explosion is a little late but still very cool.

Play this before you vote, unless you were going to vote 5.


look buddy,

this game, as is, is a complete waste of the player's time.
without addressing the following points your game will never be popular or even worthy of anyone's time.
1. Change the appearance of the ship. (its just two simple shapes put together)
2. Make the enemies shoot back.
3. Make different types not just bombs.
4.More realistic physics of flight.
5. Gore

Right now, this game sucks. The next time you submit this without changing it, i guarantee you that someone will be very unhappy.

HP-Incorporated responds:

Look buddy, i dont know how you go off telling me what to do, but come off it dick, listen, feel free to give me constructive critizism and feedback, feel free to give me advice on what you think would be an improvemnt, but where do you come off telling me whats wrong, and what i need to change. I bet you've never made a game in your life you piece of shit.


i think this is the 3rd time you submitted this fucking game

the first time it was shit, the third time it was shit and the 1723 time it will be shit too SO STOP SUBMITTING THIS GAME

Good But room for improvment

Needs improvment, the sounds really need help..... graphics were ok. need to make it harder i know the bombs get faster a bit but really that aint difficult at all...
otherwise this was a good game the name is really great for it to...

Id give it a 3/5

arnt the games 20 years ago like this jist shoting

unless you like shooting at endless bombs this isnt the greatest for you


make it harder and its sound is good but make more sounds like make big bombs and like diffrent sounds the bigger the bombs and make a evil bomb boss at the end if you do that it will rock

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Credits & Info

2.57 / 5.00

Mar 21, 2005
12:20 PM EST
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