Failed Suicide Shorts: 2

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Just when you need a little giggle...let me correct you reviewers here, Toast Doesnt go in a Toaster (Thats a Joke)and you cant die w/out electricity okay then suicide failure



I like your Cell short, so I am exploring some of your work tonight.

I am fascinated by your huge list of reviews, so many people with so little to say between them. I notice a few people have said what I did in FS 1, that a collection of sketches would go down better.

Comparing it with FS 1- it makes slightly more sense because you can see that she survives, perhaps you should make him open his eyes in 1 or something.

Keep looking for the little details of skill, they make all the difference.


had to watch it a second time to get it, and its freakin hilarious. Keep up the quality flash brother.

Not bad

I don't think it's too bad. Could be longer though. Or you could combine the first two and add some more and make it one entry.

"Glad you avoided the ADD / ADHD reference in your comments this time, but don't you think it would be best if you didn't need to explain the humor?"

He had to explain the humor because of these reviews:

"toast doesn't go into a toaster and you couldn't kill yourself anyway, the toaster wasn't plugged in"

"electocute himself in an empty tub with a toaster?"

"And toast doesn't go in a toaster, bread does."

That was his point, toast doesn't go in a toaster, bread does. And you can't die without electricity. That's why he edited it in the comments to show the reviewers. Hence the "failed" suicide short.

weiglo responds:

PS Jimmy I love you


better than me =), i like the stoned looking skeleton at the start. Keep trying and maybe youll get better


this was way too short and just horribly sucked

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Mar 20, 2005
9:02 PM EST
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