Ratiocination Episode 2

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This is the second episode in my series. This was going to be like a short version but I decided to just make this episode two and episode three is going to be way longer than this. In this episode, the guys are in class watching a filmstrip about Nazis and Jews and wacky shit happens.



I did like it better than the first, though they both recieved an 8.

Jewscado?... Honestly?.... Black god? This is funny shit! Besides, God could be black.

Ryan-Smith responds:

God is black. God is white. How can this be!? Because I'm God, thats how.

Pretty good...

.... not bad at all! Nice job.

Ryan-Smith responds:

thanks, i'm surprised people are watching this still.


.....That sucked ....Im gonna go bleach my eyes for they have been tainted by to many crappy flashes to day .... why do they let people like you on this site

Ryan-Smith responds:

i submitted this like a month ago, why are you watching it and saying it sucks now



Ryan-Smith responds:


This stuff is awesome

This will turn into a really awesome series if you keep it going. If you focus on these more than your plans to fuck alexis series I think these will turn more popular.

Ryan-Smith responds:

well that is the point, we do ptfa inbetween when i do ratiocination. thanks

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3.44 / 5.00

Mar 20, 2005
3:18 PM EST
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