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Homestarunner MEGAMIX!!

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Author Comments

If you've ever heard of the Homestar Runner, then you'll for sure like this MEGAMIX!

Loading might be a little slow for some Dialup users, sorry, I made it with Cable in mind.

I am glad to see that so many people have liked this submission! I am not the greatest at making flash and I realize that but I hope to be make even better ones in the future!

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Not bad

Pretty amusing.

What's that song you used?


THAT WAS AMAZING! did u draw some of the charecters urs self or took there flash file? if u took there flash file, plz tell me how 2 do that.


idont know strikingvegeta the song was ceachy but the vishuals wher lacking it deserves a... iorn cup filed with bewdrics stew (incase you dont recinize it im quotinng the end of "the cheat theam song ) it was good thouh

Teach me how to do that!

That was pretty awesome,Yo! You gotta teach me how to do that!


ZippZapp you know nuthin the animation was smokin', the sound was bangin', and the style freakin' awesome!!!!! Best ever!