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This is me trying to do 3d in Flash; not a bad attempt. (Har har har.) I lost the source, sadly, so it's unfinished and such... it also didn't have a name when this version was compiled. :P The music is by a local band, I Was A Spy. They are awesomer than my bad handling of the MP3s would have you believe (and those are pre-production demos, anyways).

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great idea

this is alright but you need to like fix it up it is REALLY REALLY ugly lookin and the kontrols are kinda edgey it is a good idea but it really is kinda lame and it makkes no SENSE!!!

Nice work, bit of polishing needed though.

Nice game engine, Like a lot of people said, movements a bit "WOAH MY PENIS" to quote wan_tan_soup_bitch, but people saying stuff like "Cmon put more effort in it, you've done a fucking amazing job designing and building that 3d engine.. 5's for you and no soup for Cladney.

Pretty interesting..

I liked the programming..The programming was awesome but the art wasnt all that good..The intro was awesome, its really eye catching..Great job...

Good inovation bad execution

while a good idea and inivation the game couldve been great if wernt for so many flaws. For starters the grapics were horible no effense but it needs alitle work. Also The style wasnt so cool and slick and stuff it was kinda idont kno it just didnt feel stylish.the sound while the tunes were ok theyre were only like three and they didnt feel in place and there were no sound effects at all so you couldnt realy get in the game. Ill give him some props for all the cool envierments and assome cast of charicters and weapons but there just to hard to use because the controls r so bad the strafe button helps but not much. And theres no depth atall all u do is go around and shoot or hit stuff untill u die then u start over mabye u could put in a story or somthing or a kill count cmon put alittle more effort in it. Its a fun game for alitle bit but then u see the games shallowness and lose intrest fast. I recomend trying it out but its just average game. original but average

It could be made better.

It's a nice game but I don't know how to move, I guess strafting is the main one you can use. It's pretty cool, but gets boring quickly. Make some cool games. This one is pretty cool.

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3.88 / 5.00

Mar 19, 2005
5:08 PM EST
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