Final Fantasy-Heroes 1

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-Sorry for the lack of sound effects...this was because my flash was screwing up and things so I need to fix it soon.-

This is just a story about the FF characters...mainly in this episode...only Final Fantasy IV.

To whoever is reading:

Thank you for watching my movie. I hope you enjoy it. If you have any questions, my email address is RebelliousStudios@yahoo.
com and theres a link to it in my profile. Also, you can post questions in reviews. Thanks for watching!


Not good at all.

The old man DIED in the game first of all. How did Kain control the others. Why did he turn into a dark knight. He would have to be a ninja to move so fast. Why tf did he have 2 swords. How did he pick up the sword when he never stopped near it? Honestly it makes no sence. The animation part was ok sorta. Know more about what your doing and give some foreshadowing to what the hell is going on!

Hmmm, guess it's just not my kind of style.

Okay here goes, don't judge me too hard ^^

I found the flash pretty boring. I miss a bit story (which I hope to see in the future episodes) beside "Bohahah I'm evil. Now you all die." I don't know if you tried to continue anything from one of the old FF games as I only played FF3/6. (Terra, Kefka, that gang.) And the end came a bit swift, like What have I donetheend. However I don't say that this could become something good, it has good potentionals if you just use it right ! Keep up the work :)


Teh truth is I found it a bit boring. But it was alright besides dat!

Great flash presentation

Great story base, but maybe you should include Golbez in this and Tellah shouldn't be alive at this point. He died in the actual game, so him being there is kind of a mistake. Instead you should have had FuSoYa in his place and it fits too because in the game he broke the spell over GOLBEZ who had the strongest of spells.

Next...to make a point towards the last reviewer. You will note that Right after Golbez's spell was broken and he found out that Golbez was controlled, Cecil said, "Than it could have been me. I could have been the one who Zemus used." Golbez said, "But it was me because my soul is more stained and easier to control." Basically what this whole little convo shows is that Cecil COULD be controlled, he just wasn't because Zemus fuond a more worthy candidate...Golbez. Therefore your analogy (and yours too creator of this work) is slightly flawed. The creator's analogy is actually more accurate, it is hard to control Cecil because of him being a Paladin, but not impossible. Harder than to control Golbez or Kain. Anyways sorry for the long review, but I thought it necessary to point that out. Can't wait for the second instalment.

Seeing as Rosa has been killed by Cecil (PLEASE GOD LET HER BE KILLED!!! I never liked her much he he he), have Rydia date Cecil PLEAAASE!!!???? I love that kind of pairing they are so much better for each other than Cecil and Rosa!

Pretty good

Except for one thing: From how Final Fantasy 4 went, we have to assume Cecil cannot be mind controlled, or else Golbez would have controlled him.

RebelliousStudios responds:

True...but this isn't necessarily the exact FFIV story...I mean...Kain could be stronger if it took place a while after the end of the game...if Cecil just sat on his butt all day

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Mar 19, 2005
3:51 AM EST
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