Roadside Philosophy

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Flyborg is back with this little "philisophical" piece, and this will be the first new flash for Flyborg.net Version 2, which I have just completed! (Yay.) I spent a couple more days than I had planned on this, but it's funny, so who cares. Also: Actually watch it TO THE END! (Or else.)

Plot: Phil and Bill discuss philosophy but fate has other ideas for them.
Moral: Don't mess with fate. Or evil squirrels. Or something.

Update: Fixed the horrible spelling. :)

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interesting introduction to philosophy by using simple but yet accurate depictions of a sort of philosophical problem.


i love philosophy, and i do like the idea of using philisophical conversation. but this flash bored me. animation was so-so. sound seemed muffled. eh... overall, it didn't grab me.

Kinda' random

I thought that Movie was just rather random to be ahonest and I think a few people are trying to make wayu too much out of a simple animated Comic-strip.

The Movie itself was okay but that's all it was, nothing special.


Graphics: It had good detail: shading and bothering to create something that's not semblent to a crappily-done stickman movie. Phil and Bill, however, seemed kinda out-of-proportion to me.

Style: I found it awkward how often symbol reuse was employed: I mean, Phil's body was mostly the same symbol. I just can't imagine someone losing his sanity with his hands in his pocket.

Sound: Good voicing, but style of music selection was too common for my tastes.

Interactivity: Scene select and Play buttons are good. :)

Humor: VERY humorous. VERY.

Personally, I believe that fate and free will are independent. I believe in determinism. Determinism is that SCIENCE controls everything we do. Free will is our brain deciding what to do with our puny mortal bodies. I don't believe in religious fate, however.

Love the squirrel. Keep it up. PHIL GETS PHIL-OSOPHICAL!


ok this on wasent actualy that bad...actually kinda funny...i like the squrrl and god has a serious problem with trucks....howd that truck get up there anyhow???? the world may never know....w00t w00t ...i love randomness... grgle bloob winchenuc... =)

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3.62 / 5.00

Mar 18, 2005
7:45 PM EST
Comedy - Original