FF: Warfare X

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**This is a sprite animation, if you dislike sprites don't view**

With that said, this is the tenth chapter of FF: Warfare. This episode is longer than 9, but goes by faster, as it's more fighting than talking. Anyways, enjoy.

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Damn good series

Too bad we aren't getting an ending...

Yeah, you read that right, unless HAcoreRD suddenly changes his mind after almost five years, this flash is dead...Making suggestions and/or asking for people to come back isn't going to get you anywhere.

However, I am curious about how Sephiroth survived that explosion and whether or not Vincent is really dead.

HAcoreRD responds:

In my blog I posted what would've been the finale's plot. I may go back and finish it. Maybe.

I don't know about what the rest of you think but

Here's an idea. Since I don't remember black mage dieing, make him come back (give him something cool like Black robes with Blood red embroidment and stuff would be AWESOME, but give him a hood instead of a hat. If any of you suggest he died during the fight between BB and Cecille, that was green robes, and he didn't fight, so I doubt it counts.) after sephiroth kills everyone else and use a spell called wrath of the dead, which would do 1000 damage for every person the target killed, and if the target died, their soul would be obliterated.

Good flash, and heres a suggestion

I've enjoyed the series, however, right now it would be simply bizarre if the people still alive were to beat Sephiroth, seeing as he has absorbed a great deal of power from the numerous dead people. Those left alive should revive Kefka (using either a phoenix down or the esper) in an attempt to remove the ressurection barrier. Of course after everyone comes back to life and beats the crap out of Sephiroth, Kefa can betray them for a happy ending :)

pretty impressive

after watching the entire series, i have to say this is one of the better ff based flash series on newgrounds. as the series continued, the flow of the battles improved and the story got deeper and more interesting. all in all, a great flash and series.

also, i know its kinda late to say this, but i"m sorry to hear about your dad. i've lost a family member too, so i have an idea of what its like.

Good movie and Great series

I've just spent the last few hours of my life wacthing your series over and over. I love this series but there are a few things I dont like. Mostly how some of the fights end with people dying in 2 shots or even 1 shot when it comes to Seperoth, AND the biggest thing is you killed vincent. :( Vincent wouldnt die like that but o well good job on the movie I cant wait for the next one.

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4.02 / 5.00

Mar 18, 2005
6:01 PM EST