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thank you guys I love you all and I love NG.

Aniv de la Rev builds a giant kite, but it turns out to be a very windy day in ccc city...

He's not a criminal, but wanted by the law enforcement for only $3,000.. easy target for bounty hunters..
done everything with mouse, a month's work, 2 flip-tops.

Rossini - The William Tell Overture.
credits. Zoe - Fotosintesis.

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bro this music is so cool

the art style is awesome. it's cartoony but realistic at the same time
not as realistic as some other stuff like anime but not as cartoony as 90's cartoons on nickelodeon and cartoon network or even newgrounds
edit: yoo theres a discord server that vinnie made sometime ago but i dont have the link

I really do miss these cartoons. It's sad how some people just vanish. I'm glad you don't end it too soon. It's really nice just to see how crazy things go. The colors are great, especially with the piƱata. They contrast with the more dull colors seen later.

I don't know how valuable money is there. I love how all these characters have lots of spunk. Do I ship those two at the end? Some of these characters will inevitably end up with each other. Even the title's done in a cool manner!

I guess you are from Mexico, due to the Ani de la Rev poster. :p

Hahaha!! That's hilarious!