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Robots aren't supposed to have emotions...
However, perhaps robots can be conscious of the fact that they lack something essential that humans have and sometimes take for granted, or perhaps they can have emotions and not be aware of it...

-Daily second place! Well, I'm thrilled but the robot is pretty indifferent about it.
-Thank you Tom, for featuring this on the frontpage! (March 19th-21st)


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It was tons of fun to see this! It reminds me of the cartoon "Robots Are Stupid". This wasn't quite as good because it probably should have had some dialogue. I still love how you depict this robot so well. It reminds me of that miniseries. That was the Syfy channel, right?

The animation was great. It was nice how you set up a story in this. I guess this robot had to feel something. I guess the tin man wasn't technically a robot. These two seem to have the same desires, though.


But I am surprised at the amount of people wondering whether robots can feel. That's ridiculous.

Robots, machines etc are tools: sets of components that do something predefined. If I make a car, it is essentially a robot. If I made a phone, it is a robot as well. Even a monitor is a robot. So goddammit people.

He smashes the heart....

because when he loaded it into him, it flashed through all the emotions then settled on the one robots are allowed. "Nothing". Due to the fact that even with a heart he had no emotions, he smashed the heart.

Great film BK, really makes you wonder how we take something like that for granted.


he smashes the heart because he feels all the emotions like depression, lonelyness, nothingness, and worthlessness...right?
Still, it was very deep and raised the question that can a machine of near infinite complexity develop emotions and how would the deal with them?

i can only give u a 2

i don't get y he smashes he's heart. dumb Sh**.

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Mar 18, 2005
1:58 AM EST