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just remember... this is a DESIGN rollercoaster.. not a ride rollercoaster. maybe in 2.1.
Update: SRY!! I added a bugged up version that was only meant 4 school. well... sry to explain one of the pvc pipes had the same instance name as another and it totally screwed things up. i fixed it tho!

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this, is as redundant as those dress up games NO ONE LIKES THEM! I'm so sorry, but do NOT continue this project. Start on something else a bit more innovative. Good Luck!

No instructions!

Dude, WTF? I don't even know how to do anything as there are no instructions! Dude, this sucks. Honestly.
Graphics:2. You can change backgrounds.
Style:0. Dude, a turd has more style.
Sound:1. The music was annoying and added to my frustration at trying to connect some lines on a grid, WTF?
Violence:0. No killing etc.
Interactivity:4. You can add lines, move lines, change backgrounds, and lot's of other things. (Ok there's nothing else)!
Humor:0. It's crappiness was actually a bit funny but there was no humor in the game.
Overall:1. This has got to be one of the most unfun games ever. RCT3 is a REAL coaster making game for the PC. That let's you build, test your coaster's, open 'em, build restaurants, toilets, edit the scenery, and everything and more than you would come to expect from a good game. Why do we waste our time playing this when we can play RCT3 or Theme park world or other GOOD games.
Good try though so it's not all negative. Expand on this idea and it might be worth playing.

pretty good

it was good, the graphics could be better and you should make a button that lets you rotate the shapes, it had great music and the print button was GENIOUS

just another bad day

can you belive i whent outside today in georgia its fucking cold snowing, my friends gave me a lemonade snow cone at least i thought it was that until i found out it was piss shit took me 4 cups of listerine to wash it out of my mouth, if youre reading this message David, !!!!!!!!!!!!Im Getting Evenge just Wait What I Got Comming To You HEHEHEHE >_<!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! o so anyways the games plain i hope the real version will be much better.


I did not get this at all, wat do u do, wat is da meaning of it?

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1.62 / 5.00

Mar 16, 2005
5:32 PM EST
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