Retarded Animal Babies 12

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Patty Saint Happies day everybody!!

A fine, red-headed Irish adventure for you today, lads and lasses. Have a fresh pint, stick a shillelagh up your freckled ass, and enjoy.

Dave's broken leg update: it's been exactly seven months since my car accident and I still have a big, metal fixator on my leg that looks like Zaphod Beeblebrox's hatrack. I have an appointment for an evaluation next week for another procedure; more likely involving a re-break of the leg, and some delicious application of pelvic (yeah, I said pelvic) bone matter. I should be in a waist cast for a few weeks. How the fuck am I gonna pound the pastor all that time??

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this is not for men but for adults


I like how you tackle Spring and Saint Patrick's Day! It really does make sense with the story. I wasn't expecting a crossword puzzle in this. This wasn't rated Adult? I assume anything that shows Puppy's genitals should get that rating. Well, we're probably used to it anyway.

It was so fun to see the aliens like the one from "Sci-Fi Guys". Do these take place in the same Universe? A lot of writers do that. Well, their voices are way different than this. The stepdad is so funny.

wow,Puppy walk to left and comes back from right WTF dave,W.T.F?!

This was one of the first ones I saw, eventually I watched them in order though. Still great for it's time.