Ice Man's Good Day

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The bright side is that this short Flash cartoon is 5 times better then the one I first tried to submit to Newgrounds. Which just some ridiculous stick figure doing a cartwheel and then smash by a weight. That one was blammed in no time flat. But now that I pumped up my Flash skills, I'm going to try submitting some better and more fleshed out cartoons onto this site and more. I just hope some people will like my cartoons for what they are and how they're done.

Anyway, this is just a simple little joke cartoon. Only 30 seconds long and it only took me about three days. Not a bad start, but I know I can improve in the future. So enjoy Ice Man in "Ice Man's Good Day"

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too short

rather pointless and random snowballing and the cherry at the end was the 'icing' on the cake... (i know i know, bad pun). i dont really see how it was a good day of IceMan either.

wow im unimpressed

the sound was crappy and the animation was average .. i guess it was alright for a first time submission but take more time on creating flashes they will end up being better and there fore getting higher votes for now you just need to improve on your skillz
1/5 take your time

T'was good for a short

I actually got a little chuckle out of this, on top of that it was something like 61kb and well drawn and animated. I imagine we'll be seeing some top quality flashes from you in the future and this isn't a bad start at all seeing as its only your second movie right?

Its short and funney well worth watching for a quick chuckle.

Nothing to new or interesting.

Dude,this is not funny and ice man was misdrawn.

Poor little ice man

Aw man that just brightend up my day. This just prooves you dont need word comedy to make a funny flash. Keep up the good work, but next time make it abit longer ok?

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3.08 / 5.00

Mar 13, 2005
11:32 PM EST
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