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*Update* I made the credits longer and put the sound to Raw so it's less distorted the downside is you 56kers are fucked well you didn't really need me to say that because you guys are already fucked you got 56k now can you all stop being so anal retentive.

A monkey of a man blows up on a tech support worker.This flash was mainly to brush up or should I say improve upon on my lip synching and photoshop skills. Got the idea after watching an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live (JKL) where Cousin Sal worked at a computer repair shop Hilarity ensued. Then on the JimmyKimmel.net forums Paul made a topic about the previous nights computer shop antics with a link to audiocomedy.net which had some may I say entertaining audio clips of tech support workers and they're clientelle. This was my favourite clip so I just had to make an animation. 9 hours of on and off work over a period of a month or two and viola you are now in the present. Enjoy!

Alex Gray Esquire a.k.a X-Ray



I liked it.

Heh, I hate in-bound calls

Like this one time, at the pizza shop, this guy calls up and he asks me "Does the chicken and corn pizza have pineapple on it?". I had no bloody idea, so I asked one of the pizza makers, "yes" I replied. "NO IT DOESN'T" the guy whined "IT'S NOT ON YOUR MENU". Being the smartass I am I said "If you knew, why did you ask?". Hhahaha.. "SHUT UP!" he moaned "This is god-alful!! I DIDN'T ASK FOR PINEAPPLE! THIS IS THE GREATEST INJUSTICE IN HISTORY!!!!"

Then I handed the phone to the boss and did another delivery, fucked if I'm taking shit for $10(australian) an hour. To quote my ex, only 'dickheads order pizza so good luck with that'

This movie wasn't that great though. I couldn't watch it all the way though.

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THIS HAS GOT TO BE THE FUNNIEST THING I've ever seen on this site. 10 out of10 you genious!

9 cause of sound quality =P

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i found that terible

not enough frames ify sound that was bussed dude this needs to be blammed

something has to be done about that audio...

...lower the volume a bit and maybe equalize the audio in both speakers to even out the way it sounds...you can do all this in flash...if your lazy...


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2.60 / 5.00

Mar 12, 2005
5:33 PM EST
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