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Another SB Review

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sbc looks at the reviews of his movies

Note: i know TC has made 1 aswel
Another note: ther are a few mistakes =)



i like it

i belivie TurdClock's was better

i agree with Kombuncha Clock

still i like it


But I must say Turd Clocks was a bit better. Was this based on his movie? And oh yeah, I voted five, on yours and his.

RastaClock responds:

yes it was.. i got the idea from TurdClock.. And all credit should go to him!

omg that was funny

that really long one was really funny for some reason

RastaClock responds:

AH im glad to see some people liked it.... Im not sure if i should make another one.... Because i have got alot lot better



I'm afraid to put what I really think because I would get put on that thing. Naw just kiddin'. Perdy funny, but that long one was a pain the @$$ to sit through. Anywho, I'm a fan of your stuff (even though I haven't much yet) so PLEEZE accept when I try to put ya awn my buddy thing.

RastaClock responds:

aah, kk, well, im glad you liked most of it, the one that went on too long, yeah, i agree its fucking annoying, and if i ever decide to make another, i will make it much better then this, thanks, and the buddy thing, is a portal, co-author thing, so i cant accept, cos u could randomly add me to ur movies soooo...... um, thanks, i hope to see u around,


it was ok

the 9/25/02 strawberry submits shit bit i thought brought it down because it repeated like hell. It wasn't as good as TC's reviews but still orite

RastaClock responds:

thank u. this ws a poor movie i made i dnt it was tht good =)but yeah i shud of got rid of that long review on it


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2.66 / 5.00

Mar 10, 2005
8:50 AM EST
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