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WHEN THE FBI RAIDED BAKULA'S LAIR, THEY FOUND MANY GROUSOME ATROCITIES, THIS WAS ONE OF THEM, hold down the buttons to see how BAKULA rewired the cow brain, and document your findings.


This was kind of creepy...

The hairlessness of the cow made it even more creepy and disturbing for some reason. Naked cows are just really unsightly... And its utters were all... "Dangly."

What's with your facination with mutilaion? Specifically "cattle mutilations..." Are you working for the government? Why does the government mutilate cattle so much? Why do they show so much rage towards our bovine brothers? Oh yeah... And why didn't the cow have irises in its eyes? Is it some kind of alien cow?

What does Bakula mean? Do you mean to write "Blackula?" As in that jive-talkin' pimp-cane-havin' black version of Dracula from lhe seventies? Is that his secret lab?

not bad

that was F*cking weird!!! i loved it!!! LOL

Sick bastards

You, sir, disgust me. This clearly violates the rules set by NG for decency, this is so blatantly violent and disgusting I request that others blam it (i would never do this otherwise). You appear to be a talented artist, so why waste talent on something that advocates cruelty to animals. You sick bastard, you get a 1 just because i like your drawing skills.

cyphlon2 responds:

This comment Rules.


sorry dude, this sort of humor just aint my bag. straight up dont like it, violent as hell. chill outy with violent videogames i assume, like san andreas, or maybe your just crazy. either or will suffice.

Well, it's as good as it'll get

Not much to say on this one. Relatively pointless, but most of these games are. Nice animation, interesting choice of sound clips.

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2.34 / 5.00

Mar 8, 2005
11:01 PM EST
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