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broken saints 24 prologue

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THIS IS THE TRUE FIRST PART TO CHAPTER 24!!!! We couldn't upload it before, as it was just over the size limit. Now we're cool, so enjoy the epic 15 minute opening to the final chapter in Broken Saints (and don't forget to scope our DVD trailer over at www.brokensaints.com!!!)

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Broken Saints Chapter 24 Prologue: Great start to the final chapter of Broken Saints with this Prologue loved it in everyway, cannot wait to see the first of 5 parts of the last chapter looks great!!


Just . . . wow.

Very Compelling

I have waited this long in the series to make a review because I wanted to see how the story read. But now that I am on the verge of ending the series, I just had to say that this is almost as good as reading a book, and in someways better. Although there is not that much dialogue, the imagery makes up for what is not said. I wasn't all that impressed at the beginning because of the still frames but I believe it helps one to focus better on the story. Well I have to get, so I stop while I'm ahead.


This series is awesome , thanks for sharing.

I still get chills watching this.

I do.

It's been a while since this came out, but I still end up watching it on the DVD every now and again, whenever I'm looking for ways on how to build to a climax properly. I love that all the side characters are revisited, from Jesus to Butterscotch to Cielle to Gregroy to Masayuki, I love that we are given such a build to what was a truly climactic effort, on the level of a Watchman, a V for Vendetta, or a Seventh Seal.

I love the bits of humor; the nose to nose with god, Masayuki's disbelief at his egg, Cielle and Gregory having it out, Jesus sheltering Butterscotch (he always did have a thing for ladies of negotiable affection), et al. Small touches.

I love the music, and how subtle the changes are within it from scene to scene, and how it fits everything. I love the voices on the DVD - they really do add so much to it, and I like the improvements made from the original webcast, as subtle as they were.

I love the dialogue, or monologues in some cases. I love the backgrounds, the expressions, the way that the characters carry themselves. There is nothing about this not to like. There is nothing wasted, nothing taken for granted, everything is used to make this all feel incredibly epic.

It succeeds on a massive level. Anyone who had followed the series knew this was going to be something to talk about for quite some time. Hell, even those that hadn't seen the series, but were capable of thinking in coherent sentences could tell - I remember quite a few people at the press conference who had never seen BS before just falling back at the shock of this.

Nothing I haven't said before, I know, but this was gold - solid gold. It still shocks me that as good as this is, the DVD does it better, and makes the whole thing seem new again.

Just Incredible, even it's not from Calgary, and even if it does rip things off from the not-quite-greatest-final-fantasy-of-all-time-nevermind-game
. That's neither here nor there, however.

Brilliantly done.