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Demonic Defence 4

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**DOWNLOADABLE VERSION AT www.antitudegames.com!**


Questions / Comments?
e-mail: antitude@gmail.com
AIM: Ckysk8er600
Its finally here, after 4 months of constant work! Defend your castle against demonic forces!

This is the final demonic defence, so have fun with it ;-)

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Very cool game, I enjoyed it very much.


First of all nice work here with the awards and achievement you won for this game that's always a blessing and you did well on this one so nice job indeed the game is fun the gameplay is really good and art style of this was pretty good I found it to be pretty entertaining so nice effort and alot of energy has gone into this making it even more fun to enjoy the higher levels need precise planning of the game but besides all that you have a beautiful game here and I look forward to even more of your stuff in the near future

I like it how it is maybe if anything allow for progress in higher levels


Nostalgia wave right here.

The biggest issue with this game is that it will become impossible around level 40-50 if you don't have the right upgrades/spells. The only magic spells you will ever need (besides nuke) are Insta-kill and flame ball. Another tip is to not get the auto-save feature, you could potentially mess up by buying a useless upgrade and never have enough money for something else because of it.

I haven't seen anyone else mention it on here but I'll say it now: The main stage theme is the boss theme from Turtles in Time on SNES, a good choice but it gets repetitive sometimes.

Fuckin old schoooooool

Not enough changes from the original. I really like the improved graphics, although considering how redundant the landscapes and enemies are, it would be cool if you had the original enemies, and if the landscapes could change without you exiting and reloading the game. The boss battles would be cool if there were more than two bosses and if they did something other than being extremely large monsters.

The stat system is cool - it helped keep the spells and max HP level balanced, although some stats like Speed were not explained.

Overall I do like it - I've always liked Demonic Defense. The issue is it's not altogether that different from DD3.