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Xples Tutorial V.3

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Codes Fixed.
For FlashMX only.

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((( DECENT )))

This was decent, i like how you had some music in the backround, as these tuts tend to get abit boring at times, so nice touch there, i did see that the "CODE" was in white while the backround color was in a light blue it was abit hard to see the code that way, anyways nice tutorial, i hope it helps others...



very good tutorial very helpful and interesting . i was wondering what is the name of that song that plays i like it

not bad

nice new 'Xples" tutorial.
the only one that i've seen that has had some noticeable changes to it.
good job there.


Very nice, the "automatic chasing" one seems to be my favorite one... It's only better to know more actionscripting to improve a person's flash skills. I hope this tutorial helped many other individuals as well. Masking is a big thing nowadays... that is a really great feature.

You freakin idiot....

All your codes are wrong. 1.) You probably got them from other sites. 2.) You put a syntax in front of an else an in front of an else if.... Which all the codes you used else and else if so every code is wrong....... You said codes fixed but I just gotta say my ass you fixed them! What a great tutorial!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TEACHING NOOBS HOW TO FIX THERE A.S WHEN THERE CODES ARE NOT CORRECT!!! GOOD JOB!!!! 1/10 =)