The Agent (TEASER)

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The story is about a child and his father who are both taken by a group called SMITH, in this tailer you see the boy having to sit there helplessly as his father is killed before his eyes. The story leads on to him surviving and becoming apart of the Government's secret serices to seek his revenge. About 40 seconds long.
Tell me what you think of the animation and drawings, im willing to improve anything. And Sorry theres no sound! the quality of any sound effects I made are rubbish.



THe animation was good and it was really smooth.

The lack of sound was a little anoying, but whatever. Also no action but it looks interesting.

I would really like to see more of your stuff, like when the Agent comes out for real.

((( NOTBAD )))

Well notbad its good, i did think it was somewhat slow though, and mainly at the starting with the fire it was really slow, maybe its my computer but still the animation could be speeded up...

You also had some really cool graphics which was the better part of the flash, nice work hope to see more soon...



HMMM do i smell the Matrix??? that definatly sounds like a matrix ripoff. first its called The Agent. next the bad guys are the SMITH corporation. well if it is a matrix ripoff i hope that it has a great storyline. Great animation. please keep on going with this project. GREAT WORK!

way too short

the graphics and everything are great, but your trailer was way too short . I really hope you stick with this and make the first episode man, good job !


That was very well drawn and I can't wait to see the full movie! Your deff. going to get on the front page with that!

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2.81 / 5.00

Mar 2, 2005
3:19 AM EST
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