Red & Black

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Glaiel_Gamer: Organizing the collab, title screen, and Blob Ball
Xelius: Gravity and The High Scores
Benny_Creations: The Institute
Space_Chicken: Star Fruit
The_Mercenary: Turret Gunner
G_C: Trampoline Man

It is really hard to put together a game collab.
The Challenge here was to make a simple arcade-style game using only 2 colors: Red and Black. There are 6 games, each made by a different person. Xelius gets extra credit for making the high score list.

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i like this one best

more fun and original than the others... nice one glaielleisia how the hell do ou spell your name!?! sheesh...

Interesting games

I liked the idea behind all these various games only being able to use the two colours, red and black. Quick review of all the games...

Blob Ball - This game is pretty fun. It reminds me a little of Pacifism from Geometry Wars, having to avoid the enemies for as long as possible and the longer you play, the more enemies keep pouring in. I liked how not every enemy kiled you, there was certain ones that made the game harder by slowing your blob down. Challenging.

Trampoline Man - By far the weakest game of the bunch. It looks like it was thrown together in about 2 minutes. The game isn't even that fun to play. It looks horrendous and plays horribly.

Turret Gamer - This game is pretty good, but is far too easy. If the bad guys would appear more quickly and there was less extra lives the game would be far more challenging. Possibly different enemy types?

Gravity - This game is pretty basic also, but plays quite well. It is soewhat challenging, especially when you have obstacles to avoid too.

The Institute - Fairly generic beat em up. Not that difficult or interesting. Varied enemy types could have been better.

Star Fruit - A fairly standard take on a classic game style. Is pretty easy to play too, but is enjoyable for the humour value alone from the space weasels.

Overall, this collection of games is a mixed bag, with some interesting ideas and implementations, and some fairly shoddy work in others.

Is ok

I loved the idea that you made a game like this but that is why i gave you a 9 in style.
The one's that appealed to me were gravity and the one where you hit them with a stick that is where you got 2 for humour as well, maybe put a little more effort into these games

P.S. Keep it up

Very cool.

An excellent collab, the ones that stood out for me were the spaceship game and the jumping shape game. Everyone should try each one.


that was great, especially star fruit. i made a high score! the name is Kevin and i got 5730

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3.95 / 5.00

Mar 1, 2005
3:10 PM EST
Skill - Other
  • Daily 5th Place March 2, 2005