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This is the first real game i've made in flash, i've made others but never finished them and they werent so good. I've decided to bring this out as a beta, then work on it more and more gradually adding things such as Powerups, Options.. and anything else i can think of.

There might be a few glitches since its only a beta but have fun anyway, i wanted it to be a small file size so i lowered the music quality.

Have Fun!


Man, that was realy cool

This has got to be the most mario-iffic game I have ever played!

Wajaholic responds:

Lol well mario ruled! ..so im guessing mario-iffic is good? :D Thanks!

great start turnbull

he turnbull thats alot better then it was when i played it at bellamys just a couple of things which i'd like to see you try and do. first a highscore board if possible. second try to sort out the y axis and third maybe and some sort of story if you can. but there just serjestions dont take them to seriously cause your game is good for your first one

Wajaholic responds:

Lol, you want too much, if you knew how complicated actionscript can be you would understand :P i didnt see the need in making a highscore table since its only a beta and i doubt many people would care since its not that good anyway. I did try and do the y axis code but it was having none of it and i just wanted to bring it out.

very good.

vey good for ur first, jus fix the jumping physics i wud say for a bit more wieght and the space bar button too....meaning wen u hold it it crries on jumping. but very nice i hope to see more of ur work soon.

Wajaholic responds:

I had it so that when you held it for longer he jumped higher at first but i changed it because it looked abit.. sketchy :P Thanks :)

Pretty good

I don't have much more to say, but that was good for your first game.


It was like delving into my own personal psyche...

Or sumpin like dat dawg! Dont worry, I'll holla!

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3.29 / 5.00

Feb 28, 2005
7:03 PM EST
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