Critter Killer 2

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Yes! Oh yes! Finally- something more from the twisted mind of Boojamon! (I'm still working on Xeno). You can check up on my progress by visiting my site. Just click on my profile and get a link from there. My gosh- this made me laugh as hard as the first one!


what needs

it needs more interactice stuff like when u choose how u want him 2 die or stuff like that also u should add other animals but overall A FUCKING GOOD GAME

Boojamon responds:

It's more intended to be a film- but thanks!
I've been working on one recently that's using the idea of choosing the ending to the film actually!
Unfortunately, doesn't look like it'll ever be finished. Oh well! Ta for the comment!


omm it did not fall on him and he died a difrent way wach 2 find out
and a 5 agen u or going 2 make more like this right and a game like this 2 right this is wat i thank of this move in 6 words
4.cool as hell
5.took your time
6.make more
this flashs is wat newgrounds needs ^__^

Boojamon responds:

I love number three!
It's comments like these that make me want to keep producing flash!
Thank you for your most brillo of comments, and for not giving away the ending ( 'u' )

nice.... very. rofl

yeh that was great i was going to think an anvil was going to hit him but hey its funny
somthing to say
i just like to say that if u make fun of luigi EVER i will castraight u, splatter ur guts all over ur room destroy ur computer and no 1 I REPEAT no 1 will find ur dead corpse ever again.... mwa ha ha ha ha

Boojamon responds:

Well it would hardly be an alive corpse, would it.

... fun stuff

ya .. i like that it was funny .. and short .. great for my low attention span and something good to watch right befor i go to sleep

Good job man

Boojamon responds:

Aw...thanks. Sleep well!


MOFGMOFGMOFG straight tens for a damn good reason, omg i am speechless, oh wait, i'm not since i make 20+ line reviews, SPEAKING OF WHICH, why not start one right now ;).

Graphics - First thing i noticed was that in comparison to last time which showed depth going up and down along with left and right, THIS ONE, included back and forth, which has to be the best addition graphic wise. After that though, there is the fact that that carrot DID WHAT IT DI hahahahaah. Also :P there was the flame which looked really nifty, along with all the gradients :).

Style - Well it is YOUR STYLE, i still haven't (wish i could though XD) see a tribute to this since they are so damn awesome :D, and this one was like 10x better than the first and the first was fucking awesome, i think the added humor is what did it :).

Sound - they are loud and proud sounds, and i hope to god they stick around throughout the series, since they make everything so much better and more intense, also GOT to love all of thoes squishy noices that the blood causes XD.

Violence - In order:
Flame burns wire, thus giving you 1 point
Wire breaks and begins to unravel, thus giving you 2 more points
Anvil crashes to the ground, 4 total points (aka 1 more)
Carrot kills the Critter + 094894398480940945 violence points <3

Interactivity - almost falling out of my chair in laughter count ;).

Humor - Take what i said in interactivity, and add that here ... k, so yeah with the randomness of the death, it just made it ABSOLUTELY hilarious, and i must say, i love randomness.

Well there you go, that's 2 now, i'm on a roll :P. Anyways i'll go and watch the next one now and probably drop it a review too, I hope it is as good if not better :P. 5/5 THE END.

Boojamon responds:

I hope you like the next one too.

cK (critterkiller) was, from the very begining, an evolving series... and I hope it eventually gets the cult following it deserves.

Man, I am so glad you enjoyed this one.

In regards to the flame effect, I am quite pleased of that too and suprised at how well it came out.

As it goes, I am as suprised about the ending as everyone else was. It just suddenly came to me as I was making it. JUST as I got to that scene I thought- hey- why not?

And that, my friend, is how I did it.

Man, you MUST mail me now. YOu just MUST.

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3.42 / 5.00

Feb 26, 2005
7:36 PM EST
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