ILlegal Enforcers II

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The sequel from the original one [obviously] hopefully I got most of the bugs out.

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Could be improved

It was ok but could use some improving such as more animation. lots of effects and more options for the user it was a start though, and i did have an entertaining experience with this so not so bad.

Needs work


InfamousD responds:

I know it does, back then NG didn't allow users to upload multiple flashes that were over 2 MB, I could re edit it if I find the fla file again.


that was horrible man you died to easily animation sux try harder next time really think about what your doing!

InfamousD responds:

I did, duh!


this has almost no animation,you get killed in a sec,graphics kinda poor,but you should try harder,maybe you will be on the frontpage one day:)

Ok....Ill at least try to make it constructive....

Graphics - Ok, I gave you a 2 because you atleast used color and drew more than stickmen. The drawing however, was still pretty poor. And dont get me started on the animation. Try to do a little more than just copy and paste the character, like actually make there legs move. Thats the basics man. You should know how to do that before even thinking about making a flash movie. Im sorry man, but u really gota learn to draw.

Style - Ok, Ive always been a fan of first person shooters and I liked the view screen that came up when you were talking to that other guy. Its just a pity that the engine was done so poorly. I think this score was dragged down by the crappy animation/drawing again. Which is a pitty...

Sound - Ok, the sound was surprisingly ok (surprisingly compared to the rest of the movie) The voices were ok, the gun sound was at least 'there' (a lot of people are to lazy to even put that in) and there were some nice little extra sounds in there. Overall...average. Nothing great, but ive seen worse.

Violence - Well, it is 'there', as it should be for a shooting game, exept the animation and drawing was so crappy that it didnt really seem that violent. It seems your one mega-super-ultra-crappy flaw is dragging everything else down with it.

Interactivity - Basic 5, as any game engine should get, except that
it was done pretty poorly. More detail would be good - duck and hide, being able to shoot out windows etc...

Humour - Well...it had its moments. Thats all I'll say.

I tried to make it as constructive as possible man, Im not trying to be an ass, but you need some serious work to touch up your skills. Keep at it, and I'll see you on the front page some day =)

-=Eskimo Dan=-

InfamousD responds:

What? So you've seen my other skills? Atleast u didn't talk spit like some of the other jags on here.

Oh man.

Hey I'm not going to be mean, but that was an all around failure. It was terrible on every level possible. The first guy killed me every time. Just stick to reviewing flash or talking to your friends about flash or stabbing yourself in the face with ice picks while dreaming about making sub par flash.