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Lazer Game

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Author Comments

To play this game, Use the mouse to rotate the 'pad'. The object is to catch lazers with the 'pad'. The pad will only hit the lazer in the shaded part (the center), that will give you points. Reach a certin value, the level goes upp and it gets harder. Theres a secret (tab if you're lazy) that enables arrow keys to move the 'pad', making some odd twists.

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Not great, not bad

To be serious: I don't really like the game. It's not very special, the graphics are a bit too basic and the controls could be better.
But it's not bad! It isn't great, but all in all the game is fun.

????? i thought the lasers are supposed to fly AT

all im seeing is lasers flyin anywhere but at ya

Its okay but nothing special

It's difficult to use the shield and at first i thought u were supossed to block the lasers, the inatructions should be coherent right? besides that it was ok.

ssjskipp responds:

Yeah, lol, it was a 2 hr game to make, but thanks for the review anyway.

not bad

pretty basic, yet fun game. i liked the lasers in the game, it made this game a good challenge.

ssjskipp responds:

Thanks, and yeah, its really basic, I could glitz it up a bit ang get better votes, or, I could get high votes from people who aren't shallow (it's fun making no sense!).

u spelled laser wrong

but so did i about 9 years ago, thus my name. the game moves slow, there isnt much to it. but it is fun for about 2 minutes. the controls are hard but that is part of the challenge. the lasers should get faster as time goes by. that would be more fun.

ssjskipp responds:

I know I spelled 'laser' wrong, but tell me, what looks more interesting? "Laser Game" or "Lazer Game" (z's are uncommon in everyday conversations....)