Small Alien, Big *%$ã

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Watch before voting, leave reviews and enjoy. My funnies are getting less funny, but I'll try to come up with better ideas, don't worry!


hah, not bad,

pretty slow paced, and i think that it could have gone a lot faster, but it was pretty entertaining i thought. but i have a tip for you, you dont have to censor the title!! haha. you can easily say shit around here, nobody gives one :)
the graphics were alright (but it didn't look like the guy was holding the alien, the two objects weren't touching), the animation was alright - but slow, and overall, it wasnt too bad.

Great graphics, humor hmm!

Really great graphics, they were well done. The flow of the graphics was excellent. The humor was a bit hmmm, okay unusual. I can however, see someone from Earth going elsewhere and trying to impose their life standards and expectations on another planet. Hell, we do that here on this planet with other countries, and in the U.S. other states. So, dry humore but interesting overall concept.


I don't know why this got rated so low. It was a great movie. Of course you knew by the title what was going to happen, which you should never do! People would have never predictied the ending if you din't have this title. But since you gave the movie such as obvious title that is probably why it got rated so low. Hard to believe a title can do that much eh? Well anyway I thought he movie was great, even if you knew what was going to happen. Graphics were sharp and story great. Humor was pretty good but sound was being lacked. Maybe you should add foot steps sounds and crying and other things. Sorry if I'm being picky but I just want this to get higher grade! Now you know how. Keep at it. Great job!!

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Almost, But Not Quite.

You got close here kid, you got real close... to being worse than something that needs to be blammed. This is totally pointless and a waste of time. Take your animations to a new level and you may go far.

Crap.. literaly, but it was bad

realy boring, not worth your time.

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3.01 / 5.00

Feb 25, 2005
11:03 AM EST
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