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Chronicles of Mario 2

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The sequel is funnier and more violent.
Note: I had a preview but my computer messed up.
Note 2: I forgot to give credit to TONBERRY2K for KAMEK.

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all the people who make tuff like this...

MAKES LUIGI LOOK BAD! why does everyone hate luigi for? for that you get a 6 but the good animation gave you a 7 making bowser the enemy made you at 5 but this is decent.


I didn't know that you made another at the time when I wrote the last review! I'm very glad that you did!^^ Keep up the good work!!^_^


You make good work. Your representation of mario in this reminded me of rpg mario alot.Keep up the great work.


You have good potential. The sounds do get annoying after a while. At one point, it seemed very choppy. Use a variation of sounds and ESPECIALLY sprites (I could literally count how many different sprites you had and they were reused alot). Try to make some sprites to make your movie original. Please, don't use Matrix Movie sound for fight scenes (I know I'm not the only one who is really tired of that.) That's about it.

ThePixelKing responds:

I plan to change the sound in the next movie. And I also have a whole vault of sprites I created, the only problem is the sprites and Flash MX are on two different computers that are not compatible with each other(Mac vs windows). I`ll see what I can do.

Not bad

The sound was very interesting, but got a little annoying at the end. And for humor, well............you're gonna need some new jokes. Despite that, it was still good.