Gov. Assassin - Dress Up

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Version 1.02

This is part of my Government Assassin Series. Here you can dress up one of the main characters with funny or serious clothing. I'll be updating it with more clothes soon \m/


I liked it

I liked it. Except that when I tried to put the vamp teeth over the jacket (which was so hard to put on him) it didn't work. I think u should work on it a little bit more.

Awesome Dressup!!!

Hey Red_X_Command this isn't a madness ripoff Madness is exactly what the title says MADNESS(no offenses i like the game Madness interactive)(i.e. u kill every guy that comes in ur site range ok nvm that is the point in these episodes mainly) and u well have no legs or face.....unless u edit(game)...if this was a ripoff there would be no point (there is in this one he's a Gov. Assassin other assassins of other goverments are sending their assassins to try to assassinate him) and well they would have no face or a + sign for a face(when and if they make a game)o ya almost forgot madness only has one sex(i think) in this dressup it has two (in the game/dressup it has one i think)

this whole series,is a madness,ripoff wannabe

thisis just like every other dress up,pointless.

im guessing

im guessing your fave color os blue???and i loved it cuz im a big fan of dress up games :D

Broomvideos responds:

yep..i luv blue. If you see the rest of the government assassin series their blood is blue..lol ^-^

That was gay

You need to put a lot more efort into that. It suck really bad. It looks like you didn't put any efort into it. You could probally do a lot better. Next time don't make it so gay and put better clothes in it.

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3.04 / 5.00

Feb 25, 2005
3:18 AM EST
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