BTE: Zhu Yuanzhang

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This is a project for school that I have to present soon. Please give me as much feedback as possible (reviews please) and be nice, cuz this was not easy to make. The quality sets itself. Please tell me if I have any facts wrong, also.


Nice, but needs work

You've got great talent, and the animation was nice. But there are a few minor problems with this one.

Firstly, you need MORE animation, you just had this guy bopping up and down while talking. You need other stuff besides him.

Secondly, the peoples mouths are the most obvious. You need to time the audio and make it look like he's acctually saying it. Its not hard.

Thirdly, The sound levels, you must make the sound levels around the same level or people (like me) will turn their speakers up to hear the voices and then be blasted out by the massive sounds of the sound effects you had in there. Its just too hard to watch then.

Other than that, nice idea and good drawings :)

paco- ur my life

damnit! im blinded by ur awsomeisity!


packow responds:


Nicely Done

I think you will do well with this project but there are a few things you could tweak.

The mouths are constantly moving, perhaps put in some extra time and do the mouths properly, not just a loop, or make the loop stop when there is no dialogue.

Why are they um...whats the word...*sigh* omg im retarded...going up and down? bobbing i guess. Is it supposed to make him look asian like off Shanghai Knights? (Bob your head, your indian royalty now, lol)

The facts sound good, I did a unit similar to this and we did Ming dynasty for a bit too, didn't notice any glaring ommisions or mistakes :) I also loved the battle...lol

Overall a good job but COULD use a bit of a tweak if you are going for a really good presentation mark :)

Brain Damage: 63%

not bad

it was quite an interesting animation you made here, i liked it and i sure hope you instructor likes it too.


for school project this should do fine but if u want to get every last detail down then i would suggest watching the mouths of your characters and getting a better mic neways other than that i just kinda tuned it out but from wut i didn't goodwork.

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3.15 / 5.00

Feb 25, 2005
2:13 AM EST
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