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Spacething 2025 V.4

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ok so this is a space shooter game like galaga after 1000 points there is a miniboss at 3000 there is a boss.
Oh yeah powerups are in!!! OMGROFLLOLBBQ!!!!
Admins of newgrounds please delete the other versions of this game, thank you



btw u said if i new programming about your other game..... i dont think you relize how much i do know programming so maybe u shouldnt make accusations about people if you dont know them im in programming AP in my highschool, by the way this game was ok the other one was slightly better, im sorry i just had to defend myself seeing how i cant review twice


I think you should make checkpoints, getting all the way to the miniboss and kicking his ass, then getting hit 1 time and dieng, then having to restart from the begining sucks so much..

Other than that the game is very very fun, and the replay value is around in the middle. (Since the game is pretty much the same every time)

Nice game all together, Nice job.

Underworlder responds:

I am adding variable levels now and i hope to finish em soon


nice over the top perspective shooter type game. the music in the background was cool. nice work with sound fx.. that was interesting how anything that exploded looked like fireworks. But yea, nice work with this. You actionscripted it well. great job.

Underworlder responds:

Wel then youll be happy to know i lied about this being the final then! =D i found that i could change alot more to make this much better *evil grin*


good game...but i dont know when i got hit...
i have no sound here...but please make small explosion to the players ship or something.

Underworlder responds:

honestly i tried doing that but it looked very bad =(
the only way i could do it was with sound

I liked it

That final boss was just freaking funny. I saw it and started laughing so freaking hard I died. If you had another level or something I could play it all day long. It was fun while it lasted.

Underworlder responds:

lol thanks this is just level one ;)

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Credits & Info

3.27 / 5.00

Feb 24, 2005
9:27 PM EST
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