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Minushi - Chapter 9

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Author Comments

Long live NewGrounds and remember, Minushi.com needs your support too so check it out regularly for more chapters as well as supplemental material.

Questions or comments? Check out the Minushi Community Board at www.minushi.com/community.html

Thanks for watching.

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The story's getting better.

A few random comments:

The robot has captured my heart.

We finally have the story about the chip Kal's been carrying around, although I suspected it to be the reason Tinker's been after them.

It has never been explained how old these kids are. I'm just assuming they're kids because they look and sound like teens.

The military is the bad guy because they're always trying to cover something up. They have secrets that they would kill anyone to protect. Their motto, "kill first, ask questions later" is enforced, even when dealing with the robots. My guess is the kids will probably befriend one and become the peacemaker.

worse and worse

2 or 3 things to say 1. why is the military the bad guy that really [isses me off the fucking robots came to earth with giant lasers in there head 2.what is up with the fat kid he does NOTHING to help the girl. but istill give it a seven because even though its some what un realistic i still wanna see the ending.

Thats right, I watched it.

I watched it. Had nothing better to do, honestly. And now I am writing this review for one reason:

In response to AHeroOfTheCosmos's review. Just because someone expresses their opinion, gives criticism, and overall WRITES a review rather than throwing 10s at whatever he finds slightly amusing does not give you the right to tell others to ignore that review. Much less insult the person who gave what is a rather good review, even if he is not in complete agreement with others. And, although nobody is making him watch the review, think of it this way. If he didn't give reviews like that who else would? Certainly not you or many of the others giving tens without a second thought. These types of reviews are needed as long as they are justified with obvious reason, respectable, reasonable, and suggest room for improvement.

Sorry I spent a whole review saying that, but it really got me mad. Anyway, minushi so far: decent. Cite my previous reviews on this series if you need to know any more.


Awsome to the awsome


Been watching this for awhile, I'm very interested to see how this plays out.

You can probably ignore feywood. That guy is obviously a jackass. He keeps coming in here and leaving snobby remarks and bad reviews and clearly dislikes the series, despite the fact nobody is making him watch it.